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Spectrum Business Ventures was founded in 2002 by Amit Raizada, a successful entrepreneur in the wireless space, and Phillip “Chuck” Rouse, an accomplished business attorney. Raizada and Rouse’s focus was to seek and uncover unique investment opportunities. Their passion for creative innovation allowed for an outside-the-box mentality and a willingness to tackle complex business problems. The founding philosophy focused on maximizing revenue streams and delivering on growth strategies. Within the first four years, Spectrum Business Ventures established a portfolio of over 40 operating companies, actively investing in a broad range of industries spanning finance, technology, energy, retail, and compliance.


Spectrum Business Ventures built out its real estate team in 2006 with a focus on developing long-term wealth creation projects, with multi-family housing complexes that were acquired, improved, and managed for the benefit of investors.  The real estate portfolio has now grown to almost fifty percent of SBV’s holdings and continues to grow at a rapid pace.


Assets are located primarily in North America, with select investments in Europe and Central America to take advantage of exceptional opportunities.


More recently, SBV has explicitly sought and partnered with industry leaders in areas where it had an interest, but lacked expertise and a track record of success. Ravi Srivastava, former Vice President at leading technology companies like Yahoo, Intuit, and BEA Systems, bolsters our capabilities in the technology, digital media, and telecommunications arena. Rick Fox, three-time NBA champion and former captain of the LA Lakers, as well as a respected TV and film actor, provides deep knowledge and contacts in the sports, eSports, and file/entertainment industries. Michael Wolf, attorney specializing in corporate governance, structuring, and compliance. Michael has also clerked for the US Senate’s permanent sub- committee on investigations, with jurisdiction over the US financial sector. Stratton Sclavos, former CEO at renowned Verisign and followed by the lead operating partner at venture fund Radon Partners, significantly enhances SBV’s abilities in operating, investor relations, and a broad range of industries that he touched during his years at both Verisign and Radon Partners.


Raizada and Rouse have been actively involved with the firm through its various growth strategies and transformations.  Chuck remains a Managing Partner of a well-respected boutique law firm, DFRG, and is also CEO of Card Compliant (a portfolio company).  He is particularly active with companies and investment opportunities in the fin-tech world.  Raizada serves on the board of SBV and several portfolio companies. He also advises on growth opportunities and lends his expertise to assessing individual transactions.