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Kansas hospital is first in U.S. to use GPS-like technology for heart procedures – thanks to Amit Raizada Family

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Technology similar to the GPS on your dashboard is making heart procedures safer for patients – and The University of Kansas Hospital made medical history as first in the nation to use it.


Designed to help treat atrial fibrillation and other heart rhythm conditions, MediGuide Technology is based on a GPS-like system. With it, physicians see where the heart catheter is and can map the route to the heart on a three-dimensional image that uses an X-ray image as a base map.


Generous benefactor Amit Raizada (left) tours The University of Kansas Hospital’s new Raizada Family Electrophysiology Lab, which houses MediGuide Technology. With him is Loren Berenbom, MD, director of the Richard and Annette Bloch Heart Rhythm Center.

Reduces radiation exposure


MediGuide’s benefit? It reduces radiation exposure patients and staff receive during procedures by 15 to 90 percent, according to electrophysiologist Dhanunjaya Lakkireddy, MD.


Heart rhythm specialists at the hospital’s Center for Advanced Heart Care first used MediGuide during a procedure for Sarah Howard, a nurse from Holt, Missouri. With a family history of breast cancer, she decided the less radiation exposure, the better.


After the minimally invasive procedure and an overnight stay in the hospital, she was back home and soon returned to normal activities. (Read Sarah’s story in the hospital’s online annual report:


“This technology allows us to be more precise in performing our procedures, and that’s going to translate ultimately to better results for patients,” said Loren Berenbom, MD, director of the Richard and Annette Bloch Heart Rhythm Center.


Sarah Howard was the first patient in the U.S. to benefit from MediGuide Technology during her heart procedure at The University of Kansas Hospital.

Raizada family’s gift


MediGuide Technology is housed in the new Raizada Family Electrophysiology Lab, created with a leadership gift that also provided the technology.


“As part of our mission to support the local community, we have been seeking ways to make meaningful investments in organizations focused on innovation, economic development and competitive differentiation,” said Amit Raizada. “We chose to support The University of Kansas Hospital because MediGuide satisfies that mission and bolsters the hospital’s national reputation for excellence as well as the comparisons it has drawn to some of the best hospitals in the country.”



You can help enhance heart patient care


Your gift to the Raizada Family Electrophysiology Lab will help provide the most advanced medical technologies for patients with heart rhythm conditions. Call 913 588 2800 to learn more about giving opportunities.


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